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Pretty good trick to not getting any dust or bubbles


By J. White "JJ" (England)


These are very well made "Membrane" branded products and fit perfectly. I have discovered a pretty good trick to not getting any dust or bubbles as some people have experienced:

1) Use the supplied cloth to clean the screen of fingerprints.
2) Wet the supplied cloth under a trickle of water
3) Wipe screen of device with the wet cloth so water film and drips are clearly visible
4) Fit item (removing protective films as per instructions)
5) Use a credit card to push any bubbles easily out the way.... a rubbing action will help if they aren't near the edge


Water really helps lessen the static which dust is attracted to and also makes the cover easier to finely position. The water disappears as you "massage" using the card.

Using this method I managed to get the protector on first time with zero bubbles and dust!


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