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Perfect!!! (By Tony)


By Tony

This review is from: 6 x (Back Side) Screen Protectors for LG E960 Google Nexus 4

I ordered it on Thursday morning, it was dispatched in 2 hours, I got it in my mail box on Friday!!! Well done! About the product, it fits in a perfect way the back of the Nexus 4, it's probably the best cut shield protector I ever got(IMHO)!!! I applied it quite easily with no bubbles at all!!! When I showed it to my friends they didn't realize I had a shield protector on it :-) ! One advice on how to apply: It's the dust and dirty that will give it bubbles so clean the table you are gonna work on first, the clean the phone with a cloth until you are sure there is NOTHING on it (then don't touch ti with your fingers). When you remove the first layer from the shield, remove only the 20-30% of it and start applying it quickly(making sure the borders are in the correct position), then slowly you pull the rest of the layer while applying it. If you remove the whole layer at once and quickly it will attract electrostatically dust and dirty on the shield that will cause bubbles!!!


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