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How to apply screen protectors


 Make sure you apply screen protectors in dust-free area!

1. Use the supplied cloth to clean the screen surface of fingerprints. To remove the dust use the dust-removal sticker provided.

2. Pull sticker tab No.1 downwards until 1-2cm of the adhesive side is exposed.

3. Apply the adhesive area to your device screen. When it's aligned, pull away the remainder of the disposable layer, while simultaneously applying protector using the smoothing card provided.

4. Pull sticker tab No.2 downwards to remove the final disposable layer. Please do not attempt to remove the tab itself - it should come off together with the layer.


Hove to handle if the bubbles appear.

If the bubbles is a result of trapped air:
- Lift screen protector until bubbles removed, then re-apply the area

If the bubbles is a result of trapped dust (these appear as bubbles with "dots" inside them):
- Lift screen protector and using removal sticker remove the dust specks


If you need to lift screen protector for any reason, we highly recommend to use re-install labels provided. This prevent damage and very importantly allows you to avoid touching adhesive side of the screen protector.


Youtube videos:

Dry fitting -
Wet fitting -


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